3 tips for renting a CCTV drain camera in England

If you’re experiencing sewer problems, you know the inconvenience that issues like these can cause. Drain failures or clogs can’t just be irritating but can be expensive to fix. Inspecting the internal surface of your plumbing pipes assists you in seeing exactly what type of damage is causing you sewer problems, also allowing you to locate exactly where the damage is to facilitate the repair process.

Here are three tips that you should take into consideration when searching for a drain camera for rent in England to make sure you invest in a diagnostic tool that meets your needs.

Tip 1: Look for a camera that can span the length of your pipes

Before renting a sewer camera from your local hardware store, finding out how long your main drainage pipe is can be quite helpful. This pipe connects the plumbing system of your home to the municipal sewer system.

You can consult the original building plans of your home to find out how long the main drainage pipe is. Then, you can use this information to rent a sewer camera with a feedline that’s long enough to run the length of the pipe. This makes sure that you’ll be able to inspect the whole pipe thoroughly to check for damage that could be contributing to the sewer problems of your home.

Tip 2: Look for a camera that has a self-levelling feature

When you’re using a sewer camera to inspect the interior surface of your plumbing pipes, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you’re looking at. When the images produced by the camera are askew or upside down, it can be almost impossible to identify damaged areas.

By investing in a proper sewer camera, which has the ability to level itself, you can ensure that all the images acquired from this camera are upright. This feature further enables you to inspect your plumbing pipes more easily for serious damage.

Tip 3: Look for a camera with a video-out connection

If you’re finding it difficult to identify whether or not your plumbing pipes have sustained damage, it can be helpful to have a professional plumber evaluate the footage that your sewer camera outputs. When renting a camera with a video-out connection, you can record the images that your camera captures onto a different video device.

This enables you to retain a record of the findings of the camera, and it also allows you to get the expert opinion of a plumber without having to pay for the plumber to conduct a different session with a sewer camera.

If you’re able to rent the right sewer camera, it would significantly assist you in fully leveraging the diagnostic tools. So, look for a camera with self-levelling abilities, a camera that can span the length of your main drain pipe, and a camera with a video-out connection to assist you in identifying sewer damage in the future.

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