Why companies are investing in CCTV pipeline inspection?

You don’t have to be a scientist to get to appreciate the reason that CCTV has become a driving force in the realm of pipeline inspection. Robotics combined with advanced camera tech (like WinCan drain camera) is quite an innovative solution when it comes to inspecting pipelines.

Why CCTV pipeline inspection is trending?

Traditionally, a lot of guesswork was involved when it came to inspecting pipelines. However, with the advent of CCTV, examining pipelines, sewers, and drains is now quicker, affordable, and more accurate without disturbing the infrastructure. The approach offers a lot of benefits and is totally non-destructive. In a large number of industries today, CCTV pipeline inspection become a leading choice for carrying out pipeline inspection.

When pipe issues like corrosion, depreciation, foreign objects blockage, roots invasion, and sediment build-up occur in municipalities, CCTV can be used to conduct sewage and drain lines inspection. This tech can also be used by property developers to determine the status of drains and pipelines before investing in the property. In addition, oil firms can use remotely-operated CCTV cameras by mounting them on robotic crawlers to investigate very important pipelines and see if contamination or damage has occurred so that safety measures can be implemented.

CCTV pipeline inspection utilises easy-to-use software along with various durable instruments that can be used to capture top-quality videos and images. The software is loaded with a ton of features that ensures safety, offer protection for assets, and enhances productivity. All that’s required is a CCTV camera to be a connection with a computer. The camera sends images and data in real-time while storing the information that is collected for reference purposes, and an operator picks all of these. These visual inspection equipment are available in a variety of configurations. Plus, their capabilities are widespread that can match the demands of different environments like mainline sewers, tubes, condensers, turbines, engines, and pipes.

The CCTV pipeline inspection is also preferred due to its cost-effective nature. Some other reasons why people choose this cutting-edge technology are:

  • No need for time-consuming excavation.
  • It’s easier to proffer solutions and locate problems quickly, which assists in lowering costs while improving productivity.
  • Preventive repairs can easily be implemented by using the data transmitted by the camera.
  • Minor faults can easily be detected and sorted so that they don’t turn into major problems.
  • CCTV pipeline inspection makes the first time identification of problems quite precise; this assists in circumventing all the costs that would’ve incurred as a result of the inaccurate diagnosis.
  • The use of technology during the inspection is an absolutely non-destructive approach.
  • Precision and speed are definitely a benefit.
  • It is easier to pinpoint the exact location where the problem has occurred.
  • The system is not difficult to operate and is totally user-friendly.
  • A fully-integrated software, when integrated into the inspection process, assists in faster decision-making with the use of readily available real-time results.
  • CCTV pipe inspection causes no harm to the environment and is totally environmentally-friendly.

The reasons highlighted above for the extensive use of CCTV in conducting a visual inspection in various industries clearly demonstrate that this cutting-edge technology is here to stay.

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