Plumbing Problems Common in Summer You Should Be Aware Of

Plumbing Problems Common in Summer You Should Be Aware Of

With summertime and its glorious sun, the weather has become amazingly warm. You are now more likely to pack up your work at the end of a long tiring day and go to the beach for a swim or to fire up the grill. Needless to say, what you don’t want in such warm weather is to deal with plumbing related problems.

Clogged Drains

Whenever people think of heating problems in their properties, they think of the fridge shutting off or the air conditioner malfunctioning. Although these problems are frustrating during such high temperatures, they are not as costly as issues related to plumbing may be. However, there are certain ways through which such plumbing related problems may be avoided. These are:

A common problem during the hot summer, such drains build up a very bad smell after constant activity outdoors. In order to avoid such a blockage, you must ensure that none of the following is washed down the drain after an event outdoors.

  • Wipes
  • Food scraps
  • Coffee granules
  • Paper towels
  • Oil and grease

These items are common for being found in clogged drains and may result in costly repairs to your drains! If you make sure these and other unusual items remain out of the sink and clean it every few days; your drains will remain clean and clear.

Leaky Pipes

Taps that are leaky in nature cause a lot of water wastage and may result in higher bills at the end of a given month. This problem occurs when pipe inspection has not been done and because of stress on the pipes, which could be due to swimming pool usage along with sprinkler and garden hose usage. Such usage may cause leakages over time.  In order to avoid such a problem, try to make little use of your watermains, water your garden through the use of water butts to lower your electricity bill and lessen your stress!

Structural Damage

In the summertime, the ground underneath your home may become dry due to a lack of rainfall, which can lead to cracked pipes. UV rays and constant heat coming down on the pipes everyday may cause a lot of damage. Even though this may take a lot of time over the years, you must be wary of the initial signs of a collapsed drain and aim to deal with it as quickly as you can. Make sure to cover the pipework that is exposed around your home with insulation to make sure that the sunlight and heat from it do not cause any damage.

Clogged Gutters

It is very important to think of your gutters and their health, as poor gutter maintenance may lead to serious plumbing problems in the future. The gutters have to be completely clear and clean from any blocking debris such as twigs, leaves, and clippings of grass. This is vital to ensure that there are no blockages that may occur, causing bigger problems in the future.  Thus, make sure that the gutters are cleared, either by yourself or get a professional in so that you don’t have to spend much more of your hard-earned money later. This will assist in keeping any water away from your home’s foundation.

Shower Drains Which Are Slow Clearing

Since most people enjoy going to the beach in the summertime because of the hot weather, a major impact that occurs is in your shower when you come back home. The presence of sand that you bring home may cause a blockage in the drain. To avoid this issue and to ensure the protection of your shower drains, invest in a drain cover to catch the sand brought back by everyone from the beach. Inspect your drain cover and remove any trapped debris such as hair, sand, and more to make sure that you don’t face any blocked shower drain issues during the summer.

Get It Sorted

The summertime is an ideal time to solve any problems related to drainage and plumbing as the wonderful weather allows for such maintenance to occur much more easily than usual. In addition, installations of any drainage is less likely to face any delays due to weather problems during the summer. Also, being able to fix such problems or preventing any drainage issues from occurring during the summer makes the most sense to save yourself a lot of hassle.

The most important objective for you is prevention. This refers to preventing plumbing and drainage issues during the summertime. We certainly hope that the list provided assists you in being able to enjoy your summer without any problems with plumbing or drainage.

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