How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost? – Blog

How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost? – Blog

Drain survey used to be a big problem until the game-changing technology of CCTV drain survey entered the market. With the new methods of using cameras and crawlers to move around the pipelines, it is now easy to detect any blockages in your pipeline.

You don’t even need to be a plumbing professional to know how to use the inspection equipment. Most CCTV pipeline inspection systems are so user-friendly that you can skip the whole process of hiring a plumber to carry out the task. However, if you are still looking for professionals to do the job, you should make sure they use a good quality CCTV inspection probe.

The pertinent question arises: How much does a CCTV drain survey cost? The answer cannot be given with just a number. It depends on your requirements and the challenges in the inspection process. Here are some ways the cost of a CCTV drain survey may vary:

  1. How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole?

An inspection probe may need to go as deep as 100 metres or more when looking for a blockage. If you want to have a tall building inspected for blockage in the pipelines running throughout the building, you will have to use an inspection probe that would reach as farther as possible.

The company Scanprobe has an inspection probe – Maxprobe 120 – specifically designed for this requirement. You can ask them for a quote by sharing your specific requirements.

  1. What Are The Conditions?

Sometimes there are harsh conditions in which the inspection has to be carried out. The sunlight might be so bright that you cannot note the readings from the probe properly and are likely to make a mistake. Conversely, it might be raining, and if you do not have water-proof equipment, you have to wait till the rain stops to carry out the task.

Fortunately, new technology has enabled the designing of water-proof equipment that gives sunlight-readable readings as well. These features are a part of every product designed by Scanprobe.

  1. How Long Will It Take?

Simple inspections in small houses or apartments may be carried out in one go, but inspections of buildings with complex drainage systems might take longer, and the drain survey cost will also increase accordingly.

It is very important to use the services of professionals that use equipment with long battery life. It will help the professional inspect the pipelines for a longer time and save your drain survey cost because the cost of labor will reduce with the decrease in overall inspection time.

Another great feature of pipeline inspection systems of Scanprobe is that they have a long battery life of over nine hours. The devices do not need to be charged again and again while the professionals keep waiting. The increased efficiency and reduced time will save you a significant amount in cost.

  1. What’s Your Purpose?

If you own a house or flat that needs to be inspected, you can choose a low-range service that will get your basic inspection done and solve your problem. But if you have a big project in which you need professional inspection services, you should choose one like Scanprobe.

The reason is that their pipeline inspection systems come up with over 32 hours of video storage and the facility to take screenshots and produce pdf reports at the site. These features help to maintain the documentation of the process necessary in projects assigned by organisations.

Depending on the above variables, the cost of a CCTV drain survey may range from anything between £60 and £400. The best way to reduce the drain survey cost would be to identify the specifications mentioned in this blog.

Once you know exactly what you need, you can choose the best product from the list and make your order or hire the professionals by asking to schedule an inspection. The drain survey costs can be expensive, but now you can reduce them by choosing the right products and services.