Scanprobe Techniques – Who We Are & What We Do

Scanprobe Techniques – Who We Are & What We Do

Who Are We?

At Scanprobe Techniques we specialise in designing, assembling and manufacturing CCTV pipeline inspection systems, and have been doing so for over 37 years. We are a family run business who place a great deal of importance on quality. So, no matter what you require, the product/service that you receive will be of the highest standard.

We should also mention that our team of technicians are extremely skilled and highly professional, due to having years of experience within this field. As a result, if you are having any issues with your drains, you know who to call.

What Do We Do?

As mentioned above, we at Scanprobe design, assemble and manufacture CCTV pipeline inspection systems, but this is not all we do. To find out about this service and more, please read on.

Pipeline Inspection Systems

We create highly advanced pipeline inspection systems in order to help us identify any problems with your drains. Its accuracy is unparalleled, allowing us to find and resolve any issues in a quick and efficient manner. The system can also send data to smartphones, via a free mobile app, in case the problem needs to be examined in more detail.


As we said above, if an issue needs to be looked at more closely then the data can be sent over to our phones. This is due to the two types of software that we use, mina Survey and WinCan. They help us to analyse the data from our pipeline inspection systems to find out the reasons behind why a drain is not functioning properly.

General Maintenance

If your pipeline requires some general maintenance, we at Scanprobe have got that covered too. If you would prefer to source the materials yourself, check out Renoline, our drainage consumables division.

Contact Us

If you found this blog interesting and would like to find out more about us at Scanprobe, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.